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György Szücs

CEO & founder

My biggest weapon is that I am also a frontend web developer, so I know how to aim the graphic design from the very early stage to achieve the best result at the end. My job is to make sure you get what you asked for, supervise the design quality, take care of all the little details, and keep you updated with the process. I can't wait to work with you too.

Péter Gorda

Creative Designer

Hello! I'm here to create the best design for you! My weapons are pixel and vector graphics. You need a corporate identity, or just one logo? Come to me with confidence and we find a solution for everything.

Áron Szőcs

Site Builder & Creative Designer

I always were in a bit of confusion with my seemingly controversial field of interest. Math was great, art's even better! Imagine my delight, when I first realized, web-developement combines these two subjects. In practice: programming and visual design. Do contact me, and let us begin to create something exciting!

Ben Jones

Programmer & Site Builder

While a love of video games was the reason I pursued programming, a love of freedom is the reason I got into web development. While I am not as skilled in the 'pretty' department as the other profiles you see here, I can handle things in the 'make stuff work' department. Need something done in the back end of a PHP or Python/Django application? Or perhaps you could use some jQuery animations or general front end programming? I can take care of all that as a full stack web developer.

Matías Fornés

Programmer and data analyst

Feed me cookies and mate, and you'll get your business logic and code related issues solved at instant speed. I'm also a music producer, and will add the 'Rock on!' touch your solution is missing.

Trystin Bailey


If you stab me, I'd bleed words and images that tell compelling stories. Just kidding, I'd bleed blood and need immediate medical attention. But I am pretty good at writing copy and making (or enhancing) character- and plot- driven narratives.
Please don't stab me.

David Altmayer

User Experience designer

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" I had the chance to work with Creative Robot several times, and every time I was perfectly satisfied with the outcome: everything was finished before the deadline, I experienced flexible cooperation, and most importantly, they easily and creatively figured out what I want. I can only recommend them to everyone who wishes for top quality graphical design or website at a reasonable price. "

Richárd Barabás

co-president of ZöldFront, representative of Újbuda

July 23, 2015

Anita Forray about Gyorgy Szucs in 2013:

" He is all-rounder and one of the most creative graphic designers, who I have known. He can create beautiful websites, TV-spots, flash banners or what you need... "

Anita Forray

head of marketing at webformance Kft., TradeTracker Hungary Kft.

August 6, 2013

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Gyorgy Szucs

CEO & founder

+56 (9) 9510-9421


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